Copywriting and Content Writing 
for Physicians and Other Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs
Elevate your brand and messaging with copy that captures your voice, evokes emotion, and inspires action so you can save time and make more money.
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You are an accomplished physician, pharmacist, dentist, or dietician doing the important work. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in medicine but you are also passionate about your entrepreneurial endeavors. I understand your desire to serve in a big way, make a difference, have time freedom, leave a legacy, and succeed in business just as you have in medicine.
But you have a problem…
  • From running a business to running a home, you are freakin’ BUSY!
  • You have no time to write copy that gets noticed.
  • You haven’t taken the time to invest in a copywriter.
  • Words are NOT your love language!
  • You keep waiting until the last minute and not getting the desired results.
  • You feel stuck with lackluster copy that is just NOT getting the job done - not saying what you want it to say, not giving what it needs to give, not converting.
I have the solution….

Everything you need to connect, influence, and convert via websites, landing pages, emails, blogs, social media and MUCH more.

How Can You Work With Me?
Do you struggle with finding the time or the know-how to create effective copy? 
Are you unsure of what to say and how to get people to take action on your sales pages, in your emails, or on social media? 
Imagine having all of the copy you need to communicate effectively with your target audience and make you money 
without having to lift a finger!

Medical Copywriter & Communication Strategist

Most medical communication consultants are writers who have researched the medical industry. Dr. Charnetta Colton-Poole is different. She’s a board-certified pediatrician who is also an accomplished writer, speaker, and communication strategist. She brings this unique combination to your content creation that communicates on your behalf, in your voice, featuring your expertise. You’ll instantly understand the difference.
About Dr. Charnetta
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How to Become a Better Communicator Online + Offline

In her book 10 Commandments of Communication for Doctors, Dr. Charnetta shares tools that can greatly improve your online presence, enhance your clinical communication skills, get you those bonuses at work, and attract more patients to your awesome practice. Don’t miss out! Let this book be your guide to a flourishing presence-both online and offline.
Working with Dr. Charnetta
  • Working with Dr. Charnetta has been a life-saver for me!

    Trying to manage a business, practice medicine, and maintain a positive social media presence was too much for me to handle. Her professionalism, insight and writing abilities allowed me to publish impactful posts and blogs that are in line with my brand and my personality!

    Dr. Mitzi, Neurologist, Founder - Joi Life Wellness
  • I love love love the copy you wrote for my website!

    You took all of the stress from me and promptly delivered well-written content in my voice. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with, eliminating my stress, and writing words that will be sure to make my website standout.

    Dr. Deanna, Physician and Burnout Coach
  • My initial meeting with Dr Charnetta was amazing!

    She is professional, detail oriented and intuitive. She was able to paint the big picture for my website and email campaign copy and delivered powerful messaging for both. She far exceeded my expectations and the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive. Dr Charnetta truly has a gift. Her writing is engaging, intriguing, impactful and transformative. I am so grateful to have worked with her and admire, trust and respect her for her amazing talent, passion and commitment to helping doctors expand their reach through the content she creates.

    Dr. Monica Moore, Physician and CEO Premier Pediatrics
  • Working with Dr. Charnetta was one of the wisest investments I’ve made.

    The distance between what you have and what you want is your language. Dr. Charnetta created copy that evoked an emotional response with my clients. They instantly knew, I was the coach they needed to work with

    Dr. Delicia, Direct Primary Care Rx for Success
  • When I started using Dr. CeCe to write my content, it made a significant difference in the outcome.

    Now every time I do a webinar, it converts. I like that she’s speaking my language in my voice. The words she’s choosing to use actually resonate with the people I’m trying to reach. I don’t have to check over anything because she nails it every time—every sentence, every paragraph, every landing page, sales funnel and my clients are purchasing. What comes from the heart reaches the heart and her work is definitely coming from her heart. Her skill is superb.

    Dr. Sonya Johnson, Dermatologist, Founder –Gorgeous Rx
  • It is an absolute pleasure to work with Dr. CeCe for my copywriting needs.

    It is an absolute pleasure to work with Dr. CeCe for my copywriting needs. It's not just a gift but it is her ministry to create and meet your copy needs. Writing compelling copy for your business is very challenging but Dr. CeCe makes the process so easy and is able to capture the vision and convey the mission of your business with the ministry of her words. Thank you so much Dr. CeCe and I look forward to continuing to do business with you.

    Dr. Michelle, Physician, Creator-in-Chief of FREEaliTEA
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