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September 1, 2019

5 Keys for Medical Content Success

Many physicians, doctors, and dentists are launching out and pursuing passions and side gigs to obtain more happiness, more freedom, and/or more time doing what they love. For some it may be opening up your own practice. For others, it may be starting a health coaching business. But no matter the endeavor, the common question is always, “Where do I start?”

Growing and building any business involves many steps to make sure your business is set up properly, attracts your ideal consumer/client and ultimately, is profitable. Having a content strategy should be an essential part of your business building equation.

Listed below are the 5 C’s for Content Success

1.Conviction – Conviction is your why. A great content strategy begins with understanding the end goal. You have to know the end goal in order for your content to be worthwhile. You have to know who you are, why you do what you do and what your client needs.

2. Consistency-It is said that content is king. Well. Consistency is queen! Be consistent with your content and your growth will reflect it.

3. Connection –Connection with your target audience is so important. Be vulnerable, be personable, be authentically you!

4.Captivation – Captivate your audience with your content. Hook them from the start. This helps breaks through the noise and makes them pay attention.

5. Creativity – Be creative in the ways that you deliver content. Think outside of the box and offer variety in your delivery.

If you keep these 5 Content tips in mind, you will be well on your way to a perfect content strategy, ideal for connecting and influencing, ultimately helping increase your profit. 

I am Dr. Charnetta, your Board Certified Pediatrician and medical content creator/communication strategist. I help busy medical professionals connect with their target audience through trusted quality content and communication training. 
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