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September 7, 2019
How Entrepreneurial Doctors Can Beat Writer’s Block

Outside of seeing patients, one of my favorite things to do is write! As a medical content creator, I write lots of content for doctors and have no time for writer’s block. Most physicians that are starting small businesses have to write/create content to attract clients and build their brand. So, what do you do […]

September 5, 2019
Doctors and Social Media

Times have certainly changed. When I started medical school. There was no LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram (I’m dating myself). There was also no electronic health record requirement, decreasing reimbursements, or lack of autonomy quite like there is today. Moreover, the abundance of misinformation that is present online today was not a “thing” back then. Now, […]

September 1, 2019
5 Keys for Medical Content Success

Many physicians, doctors, and dentists are launching out and pursuing passions and side gigs to obtain more happiness, more freedom, and/or more time doing what they love. For some it may be opening up your own practice. For others, it may be starting a health coaching business. But no matter the endeavor, the common question […]

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