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September 7, 2019

How Entrepreneurial Doctors Can Beat Writer’s Block

Outside of seeing patients, one of my favorite things to do is write! As a medical content creator, I write lots of content for doctors and have no time for writer’s block. Most physicians that are starting small businesses have to write/create content to attract clients and build their brand. So, what do you do when writer’s block rears its ugly head? 

Here are 10 Tips to unblock your mind and open your spirit so the words flow:

  1. Create a space that inspires you to write -For some it may be bright pictures in your current office, for others it may be candles with nostalgic scents but be sure to surround yourself with a space that inspires you. 
  2. Exercise -Take a break and get the body moving. Exercise increases blood flow and helps you focus. Plus, it’s a welcome break from a blank screen.
  3. Let go of perfectionism – Trust me, I am the queen of “the paralysis of analysis” phrase but I’m learning more and more each day to jump outside of the box and take action over perfectionism.
  4. Edit later – Write now, fix it later, and thank me later!
  5. Outlines –This will help you break up your writing into shorter, more achievable writing tasks.
  6. Eliminate distractions – It is hard to write with the baby crying or even for some the phone ringing. Eliminate the distractions by finding a time to write with as few distractions as possible.
  7. Get some fresh air – Take a break, take a breath, get some fresh air so you can get back in action.
  8. Let go of procrastination – I’m the queen of procrastination. I actually produce great work when I procrastinate but it’s just not worth the stress that comes with it. I’m learning to just sit down and write.
  9. Set a timer – Getting something done is better than nothing. Set a timer for the amount of time you have whether it be 20 minutes or an hour and work diligently for that period of time.
  10.  Have fun – Don’t forget to have fun and tell a story through your writing.

I am Dr. Charnetta, your Board Certified Pediatrician and medical content creator/communication strategist. I help busy medical professionals connect with their target audience through trusted quality content and communication training. 
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