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September 5, 2019

Doctors and Social Media

Times have certainly changed. When I started medical school. There was no LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram (I’m dating myself). There was also no electronic health record requirement, decreasing reimbursements, or lack of autonomy quite like there is today. Moreover, the abundance of misinformation that is present online today was not a “thing” back then.

Now, there is a world wide web revolution with billions of people searching the web daily for information, entertainment, and solutions. And, there’s social media - with the original and still consistent goal of connecting us to each other. 

Social media is a great communication tool if used correctly. It is where our patients and clients are communicating and commonly obtaining medical information, both accurate and inaccurate. 

With the changes that plague our healthcare system and the barrage of misinformation out there, doctors are pursuing passions and businesses outside of the walls of the hospital, opening non-traditional practices, tackling the misinformation that is so prevalent in our society, and looking to gain freedom from the challenges of healthcare.

If that doctor is you and you are developing an online presence, it is important that you be careful, respect patient privacy, and have an online content strategy to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to outsource those tasks that you just don’t have time to do or that you don’t enjoy doing. Be consistent and remember your why and much success will follow. 

I am Dr. Charnetta, your Board Certified Pediatrician and medical content creator/communication strategist. I help busy medical professionals connect with their target audience through trusted quality content and communication training. 
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